16 Week Apprentice Program

Teacher Training Ongoing program

The Apprentice Program is an opportunity for local teachers to receive mentoring in order to be challenged to take their teaching to the next level of excellence.

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Hip Holiday

Workshop December 15, 2018

Ease up your December with an afternoon of hip opening and stabilization exercises to balance your seat for all your winter lounging. It’ll be a holiday for your lower body!

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8 Week Continuing Education for Teachers

Workshop September-November 2018

Thursdays are the new study hours for teachers! Join Claire Mark and I for this 8 week continuing ed series to tune up your sequence skills, learn to adjust students with emphasis on alignment, take your prop and asana game up a notch and weave themes to give your classes more meaning. Pop in for one or save on pre-registering for the full 8 sessions.

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Psoas Release Party Wilmette

Workshop December 2019
yogaview, Wilmette

The Iliopsoas is a major player in your physical and emotional well being. Why is it a party? Because when you learn to locate and release the grip of these muscles, life changes for the better right inside of you.

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