16 Week Apprentice Program
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The aim of the Apprentice Program is for current teachers to continue their education and be challenged to become greater in their field. This is an opportunity to gain hands-on practical skills through observation and engagement with a mentor. As an apprentice under Sara Strother one can develop a stronger working knowledge of teaching yoga and learn the necessary skills to keep your career alive and inspired.

Sara brings to the table 16 years of teaching experience, 19 years of study and is deeply honored by the chance to be considered a teacher you’d like to work more closely with. As her apprentice your course work will be decided upon on an individual basis.

Areas of interest may include but are not limited to:

- developing sequencing strategies
- clear verbal skills
- classroom management
- adjustments
- yoga philosophy
- Hindu mythology
- perfecting private lessons
- developing themes
- marketing

Cost of Program

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16 Week Program Requirements:

- 4 video reviews of your teaching
(to be determined on individual basis but you MUST have access to video recording technology and downloading to a flash drive or uploading to vimeo or youtube.)

- 1 private lesson with Sara

- 4 comprehensive assignments with review (to be determined on individual basis)

- bi-weekly 20 minute check-ins via phone or email

- 2 classes with mentor observation
(Sara will attend your class, you will submit lesson plans, and receive feedback. OR if do you not have a weekly scheduled class, no problem. Inquire for details on alternate option.)

- Attend 12 classes of Sara’s as a participant

It is imperative that you can meet all the requirements to be Sara’s apprentice.