108 Autumn Equinox Mala
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Upon the threshold of Autumn we will use the repetition of Surya Namaskar (sun salutation) to cleanse the mind with breath-based movement. 108 holds significance as a powerful number linking us to the cosmic fabric of yoga. A mala is a collection of 108 beads to pray and chant upon. Let us join together and create a mala of movement as a living prayer during times of transition.

Each student will be provided with beads to hold their count, eventually completing 108 sun salutations. It is not a requirement to do all 108 but rather to immerse yourself in the repetitious flow of practice to prepare for the beginning of the long nights ahead. Class will begin with meditation and culminate in a candle lit savasana.

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photo credit: Erica Treais
surya yantrasana

Friday, September 21st
$18 advance
$27 walk-in