Adjust Your Adjustments Session 2
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Adjustments are complex and from time to time need their own tune ups. This afternoon’s workshop is a continuation of the work in session 1 which centers on learning to train your eye to see patterns and adjust your adjustments. When the similarities across asana families become clearer to you, there’s no pose that can’t be enhanced by a skillful adjustment. Come to unlock what’s right before you in your students in a safe and supportive environment. In this workshop teachers will to learn to see more than just the pose and adjust with deeper skill.

Class will be an abbreviated lecture and a continuation of hands on assist from session 1 practiced with guidance between attendees. Come with a notebook, yoga mat and enthusiasm for learning about yoga poses!

Teaching experience required. If you did not attend session 1 you are still welcomed to join.

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photo credit: Kristie Kahns

Sunday, April 29th

$40 in advance
$48 day of