Indianapolis Yoga Weekend
Workshop Practice Indie

Sara returns to Practice Indie for a weekend of yoga in the heart of Indianapolis.

Sound and Vision:
A David Bowie Flow Class

Friday, March 9th

Tonight’s class is homage to the rock legend David Bowie. Sara will lead you through a vigorous and balanced sweaty flow while set to a fun playlist of all your David Bowie favorites! Enjoy peak sequences and sound vibes to enliven and stir.

Lakshmi + The Ocean of Milk:
Hip Bliss and Handbalancing
Saturday, March 10th

This morning’s class is centered around the lore of the birth of the goddess Lakshmi and the churning of the milky ocean. Sara will weave storytelling into the asana practice and take you on a blissful hip form and flow class. Class culminates in handbalances and will conclude in a pranayama and mudra study. Through myth, alignment and subtle body work this morning’s class can take your understanding of yoga to the next level.

Psoas Release Party
Saturday, March 10th

The focus this afternoon is on relieving tension along the deep muscle group that responds to our stress. The power of the psoas can have you in fight mode when you don’t intend to. When the illiopsoas is released there’s more fluid breathing, bounce to our step, we stand taller, experience inner calm and better digestion.

Time will be spent learning the anatomy, locating the muscles in your body and working on movement exercises aimed at releasing, lengthening and toning. Come for hip opening like none other!

Perfect for teachers and students. Perfect for students who have experienced low back pain and hip imbalances.

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photo credit: Scott Shigley

Practice Indie
914 N. Capitol Avenue
Indianapolis, IN