Mount Pleasant, MI Workshop Weekend
Workshop Om Bodies Yoga

Here is a look at the 2018 itinerary. 2019 TBD:

Getting Behind Your Practice

Learn what muscles in the lower body create specific actions to inform your flow. In this workshop we will strengthen the muscles on the back plane of the body that in a typical yoga practice are hard to target appropriately- the gluteal complex, hamstrings, and lower back muscles. Whether it’s standing poses, back-bends or seated postures come to refine your working knowledge of movement in the human body to create a supportive posterior practice.

Saturday Morning
Super Human Shoulders

Did you know the shoulder girdle isn’t designed for weight-bearing? Considering the amount of time your shoulders weight-bear in a typical yoga practice we’ll have to develop super human strength to get the job done for years to come. In this class we’ll look at shoulder and upper body anatomy and work in a consistent way that honors the rhythm of the 8 distinct joints of your shoulders through inversions and backbends.

Saturday Afternoon
Knee Know How

Come to practice for safe knees in a wide spectrum of postures. We’ll break down the anatomy and practice a full balanced class keeping in mind how treat the weak link in our legs like the queens they are. Wherever you are on the mat your knees need you to know how to keep them strong and safe.

Refined Flow Vinyasa

Top off the workshop series Sunday morning with Sara Strother in an approachable vinyasa class aimed at integrating the work of the weekend. In this 90 minute flow class you’ll be coached with joint stability and efficacious stretches to improve and refine your flow vinyasa experience. This class will meet the needs of intermediate students; prior knowledge of yoga expected, mastery is not what so ever. It’ll be a fun and energizing morning!

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