Psoas Release Party
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The Iliopsoas is a major player in your physical and emotional well being. Why is it a party? Because when you learn to locate and release the grip of these muscles, life changes for the better right inside of you.

The focus this afternoon is on relieving tension along the deep muscle group that responds to our stress. The power of the psoas can have you in fight mode when you don’t intend to. It is a major power player in your body that can disrupt the harmony of your lower back or give you a new stride. When the iliopsoas is released there’s more fluid breathing, balance to our step, we stand taller, experience inner calm and have better digestion.

Time will be spent learning the anatomy, locating the muscles in your body and working on movement exercises aimed at releasing, lengthening and toning. Come for hip opening like none other!

Perfect for teachers and students.


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photo credit: Scott Shigley