Skill Building with Prop Drills
Workshop zoom

Prop use has a reputation for making yoga postures more accessible by filling in a gap between the student’s body and the floor. However, blocks, straps and blankets can be used to advance your posturing by challenging your strength and proprioception. Take time this afternoon to open up a world of prop possibilities by learning how to use them tools for strength building and skill development. Not only will you learn how to enhance basic postures with props but what the necessary steps are to access intermediate and advanced postures too.

Open to yoga students and highly recommended for yoga teachers.

yoga mat
yoga blanket or a large, thick bath towel/beach towel
yoga strap
2 yoga blocks

*students who wish to just take notes will not need the props to participate

Tuesday, April 14th

$25 – $40 sliding scale donation
Zoom Meeting

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1- Submit sliding scale $25-40 payment to either of these platforms by no later than 3p CST on 4/14. Add “Props” in the comment section.
Venmo: SaraAStrother

2- Link to zoom meeting will be emailed out at 3:30 to all confirmed paid students

3- Meeting will open at 3:50p

4- Workshop begins at 4:00p CST