Garden Consultation + Stewardship

February 2021

Your yard, no matter the size, is an oasis for you and wildlife. Perhaps you have an apartment balcony or a yard the size of a tennis court, you can add elements that invite wildlife and beauty. I’d love to help you discover how. In certain instances I may even be able to steward it for you.

As a certified Master Naturalist of Cook County and a student in the Garden Design program at Chicago Botanic Garden I am embarking on a new career! Let me help you bring your dream of a yard full of butterflies and birds into fruition.

All services right now are on a sliding scale.

Phase 1

  • Consultation = a visit to your yard to discuss your desires, share with you what is possible and how to maintain a garden in an ecologically friendly way.
    Cost: $100-250

Phase 2

  • Functional Design Plan = a simple drawing illustrating where things can go
  • Suggested Site Specific Plants = a chart delineating the plants that can thrive in your space, their height, colors, bloom time, colloquial and scientific names
  • Provide a list of reputable garden tools for the sustainable garden (rain barrels, composts, etc)
  • Provide references for landscapers that are able to create raised beds, hardscapes, decks, various structures should you desire to do more than plants
  • References for native plant sellers
    Cost: $175-300

Phase 3

  • Procure plants and install= I will get the plants, bring them to your place, plant them and show you how to maintain the space
    Cost: $75-100 per hour for labor + the cost of plants, soil and any other required materials per the design we’ve agreed upon such as but not limited to containers, moveable structures, bird feeders, composts, rain barrels


  • Maintaining a garden takes time and energy. Let me fill in any gaps you may have with maintaining your native garden, putting your garden to sleep for the winter or spruce things up in spring.
    Cost: $50-100 per hour

CONTACT: Sara at

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