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The kitchen is the heart of our dwelling spaces and our yoga practices can take root in the very preparation of a meal. The following offerings of recipes are from my heart to yours and I hope you enjoy them in the best of health.

It has been my aim to create recipes inspired by seasonal foods with omission of dairy, meat, eggs and refined sweeteners. This is not based on a judgement of those ingredients, but simply a reflection of my personal interests and abilities.

Cooking has always been a part of my life and was my first exposure to the heart of yoga. The kitchen was a gathering place and a space to be nourished. My Italian mother and grandparents extensively gardened and delighted in the process of taking something from it’s purist form and shifting it to bring out it’s best qualities was a daily ritual.

I offer my deepest gratitude to my family for exposing me to the passion and integrity of whole foods cooking in this collection of recipes. As my Mom would say, Mangia!

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August 2013

Peach Pistachio Crumble

August is stone fruit season in the Midwest and we've been finding ways to enjoy our Michigan peaches. Of course, any crumble goes well with a dollop of vanilla bean ice cream/coconut cream so feel free to smatter your crumble with extra goodies.

vegan peaches maple sugar pistachio crumble

Peach pistachio crumble
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