Bring it on Ohm

May 16, 2016

Check out the Chicago Reader’s review of May 5th’s Living, Loving Yoga session at yogaview here.

It starts off with a jab at what kind of music teacher’s typically play and then proceeds to highlight that night’s special class.

“When there’s background music at a yoga class in Chicago, it’s usually a Ravi Shankar raga, hotel-lobby-style acid jazz, or New Age crap from Windham Hill Records. But Sara Strother, an instructor at Bucktown yoga studio Yogaview, does things a little differently…”

For me personally, these few classes I’ve hosted have been a fun departure from the more strict teachings of my weekly schedule. I’ve dedicated my career to teaching people how to and why to do the physical practice and introduce yoga philosophy in an approachable and authentic way. Yet, I’m not unaware that the general public enjoys it as an exercise and with music. These music themed classes have helped build community and lighten the mood.

So, by all means knock it for it’s nontraditional representation of yoga. I’m with you on that. But loosen up if you think yoga is only one way and exclusive only to those who scoff at music, vinyasa, and pop culture. It takes all kinds of people to make the world go around and those people are in your yoga class.

Thank you Chicago Reader for picking up on these rollicking good times.


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