Door to Door Organics and $50 giveaway!

May 12, 2015

Here’s the low down… Door to Door Organics reached out to me to see what I thought of their service and share the results with my readers. Being totally transparent, they gave me a $100 worth of groceries good towards anything offered on their website. I almost fell over in shock. Me? FREE ORGANIC FOOD? In.

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Here’s my receipt:


The short of it, they are an online grocery service focusing solely on organic food. Delivery is free, which, in my case sounds worth it right there to not have to shop with 2 kids on the days I need food but everyone woke up on the wrong side of the crib. However, the grocery store has always been full of teachable moments on the days we aren’t in a rush…So the jury is still out on whether I’m willing to trade based on convenience alone.

Upon delivery I elected to provide my own cooler. What couldn’t fit was left in a box DTD provided. It was lovely how very little packaging was required even for items that needed refrigeration. In my cooler one large clear plastic bag held the majority of my veggies, separated by a sheet a brown paper. (Unlike at the grocery store where most people grab a separate plastic bag for each produce item.) The box contained more items to keep cool so they placed them inside a cooler sleeve with a reusable ice pack I will leave in my cooler next time they deliver. Here’s what my box looked like:


All the produce, which if you glance at my receipt was the majority of my order, was gorgeous. It was a total relief since I was majorly skeptical of someone else picking out my produce. Truth be told, my husband has the best intentions and is amazing for making the trip from time to time, but I know he’ll always buy a rotten onion. Clearly Door to Door Organics is not selling bunk produce that fell off the back of the truck and they also have a great policy for returns should you need to use it.


They also have a blog post about how to stick to a budget and shop affordably with them. However, I did not use this as a reference point since I am already in a buying rhythm week to week. My list always includes broccoli, avocados, kale, carrots, salmon, sprouted grain bread, and I always meal plan ahead of time. I was able to do a bit of price comparison and feel that sometimes I did better at whole foods and sometimes Door to Door was the less expensive option. Ugh.
It was not hands down a winner in one court.

For example, cheese slices. I always buy the Whole Foods brand Kosher Cheddar slices (hormone and antibiotic free dairy) that is 12oz at $5.99. This week in sticking to Door to Door I bought their Andrew & Everett mild cheddar slices that was only 7oz for $3.99. I bought 2 knowing we really blow through the usual 12oz. So I spent $7.98 instead of $5.99 and got 2 extra ounces. If I was going to be loyal to Andrew & Everett, Door to Door was CHEAPER. Same product is exactly $2 more at Whole Foods.

Another example, organic green beans. Whole Foods sells them $2.97lb and DTD is sold only in 1/2lb bags at $2.49. Totals $4.98 if you go for a pound. Whole Foods is clearly the winner here. Same on shiitake mushrooms. It’s 10 cents cheaper a pound at Whole Foods.

A cool seasonal product was in stock at Door to Door Organics- fava beans. Whole Foods doesn’t even sell them organic at either store near my house (Sauganash and Park Ridge). Nor could I find at Whole Foods organic rhubarb or Organic Girl supergreens pack (baby tat soi, baby chard, arugula, spinach). No problem for Door to Door Organics though! Organic Girl is even grown in Chicago!!

Here’s what I made one night with my bounty:


My biggest qualm with Door to Door Organics is the ambiguity of where everything is coming from. There is a page to meet their farmers and artisans. But you have to read the fine print. For example, Deer Creek Organics from St. Anne, IL grows a “variety of vegetables and herbs”. When you are on the completely separate page selecting your vegetables and herbs one might assume they could be coming from St. Anne, IL. You won’t know for sure. Many items say Origin:US. That leaves a lot of room for food to be shipped from. Items not available from the US are always marked. Take their bananas, for example. Origin: Ecuador/Honduras/Mexico/Costa Rica/Colombia

The only way to guarantee your produce is from a local farmer on DTD is to sign up to receive the Local Farm Box. Unfortunately this is not offered year round and you have to get on the mailing list early and asap. If you don’t give a hooey who or where your organics are coming from then you’ll be delighted with Door to Door Organics. If you are picky like me, this will continue to weigh in with how you shop.

Shopping online with Door to Door Organics was easy and delightful. It’s a pretty website that makes you want to eat fresh food. They cater to all diets and provide quality meats, fish, dairy, and bakery items. Also, often from local purveyors such as Red Hen Bread, Organic Girl, FarmedHere, and This Old Farm. You can easily navigate to buying what is in season or stock up on pantry items as well. My favorite feature is that I could keep adding items or alter my list up to 12pm the day before my delivery. No more driving back to the store to get the one thing I forgot!

-everything is organic, including meat and dairy
-offer locally sourced products
-delivery is free
-weekly sales
-option to pause account when needed
-canceling is hassle-free
-produce was GORGEOUS
-less packaging than regular grocery shopping
-every packaged good on the website is clearly labeled vegan, kosher, gluten free, etc.
-option to shop by meals from their recipe section with grocery lists to make shopping and meal planning a cinch
-can bookmark recipes
-non GMO labeling

-not necessarily less expensive and requires footwork if you truly want to do a comparison
-can only sub up to for items if you choose a box option
-ingredients aren’t always listed for packaged or bakery items
-origins of produce are a mystery online and still vague upon arrival
-they list their local partners but the produce isn’t specifically marked when you buy

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$50 Free Food Giveaway details through May 31st:

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