Everyday Aum-ing

February 23, 2017

One of my beloved teachers, Sianna Sherman, once said:

“When we commit with real presence and devotion to sadhana, we are fortified.”

When we are needing an extra nudge towards committing to a practice that will serve to calm our senses, nervous system and perhaps invite a curiosity towards the inherent intelligence in nature (my fancy words for “divine”) I often come back to a simple meditation I learned in a Buddhist meditation group. It’s super grounding, a bit messy, typically delicious. It’s as fortifying to my spirit as it is deeply calling out the sound A-U-M. (That’s fancy for om)

Peeling an orange.

Meditation instructions:

-sit in a quiet place alone where you know will have zero distractions

-commit to focusing on the task of peeling an orange

-without any rush to complete the task, peel your orange piece by piece. You can use your fingers or one of those kitchen gadgets.

-notice the texture of the peel

-notice the olfactory blast once the peel and pith are pulled away from the flesh

-notice the moisture from the fruit on your hands

-is this citrus room temperature or still cold from refrigeration?

-segment by segment eat your orange

-experience the fruit in your mouth

-experience the fruit in your mouth with your eyes closed

-what does it sound like to eat your orange?

-feel the fruit in your throat, making its way to your stomach

-continue piece by piece

-sit and reflect

800px citrus reticulata var. nobilis