Garden Consultation + Stewardship

Ongoing 2021

Gardens for the greater good.

Your yard, no matter the size, is an oasis for you and wildlife. Perhaps you have an apartment balcony or a yard the size of a tennis court, you can add elements that invite wildlife and beauty. As a certified Master Naturalist of Cook County and a Chicago Botanic Garden Design student I am offering consultation, design and stewardship services through my new business Planted Green LLC.

The aim of Planted Green is to share with homeowners and renters a perspective on gardening for the native Midwest in a regenerative manner. My designs and gardens appeal to those looking for something wild yet intentional that can be cared for in a way that contributes to the wellbeing of the planet. Planted Green is a Chicago based business looking to promote the incredible diversity of the plant, pollinator and wildlife species of both northern Illinois and the neighboring midwest.

I create unique environments using native plants and green practices. All plants on my palate are perennials, which means they will be with you for years to come. I encourage water reclamation practices to divert rainwater by using rain barrels, rain gardens, and bioswales and may develop gardens using these avenues. Consulting clients on how to compost, green mulching, and permeable paving can make being eco friendly a reality. I design container gardens, residential landscapes and small vegetable gardens with you and nature in mind. Also, as a steward I use battery powered and hand tools, promote keeping all organic matter on the property and delight in curating an alluring garden.

All services right now are on a sliding scale, which means you choose a denomination at or between the price mark that suits your budget.

Phase 1

  • Consultation = take the guessing out of how to create an environmentally and healthy outdoor space. A consultation is a visit to your yard to discuss your desires, share with you what is possible and how to maintain a garden in an ecologically friendly way. Consult takes place on your property for up to 90 minutes.
    Cost: $100-250
    Range is within a 15 mile radius of O’hare Airport.
    Outside of 15 mile radius of O’Hare Airport is a $45 flat travel fee.
  • Zoom Consultation = Submit a Plat of Survey and photos of your property and over Zoom we can discuss your desires for your space and discuss ecologically friendly yard maintenance strategies over the convenience of the internet.
    Cost: $80-$175

Phase 2

  • Conceptual Design Plan = a site specific drawing illustrating your landscape design. It is based off of your Plat of Survey and an inventory of your property to prepare accurate base drawings of the existing conditions gathered in Phase 1.
  • Suggested Site Specific Plants = a chart delineating the plants that can thrive in your space and their general characteristics.
  • Provide a list of reputable garden tools for the sustainable garden practices you will be implementing.
  • Provide references for landscapers that are able to create raised beds, hardscapes, decks, various structures should you desire these to be incorporated into your landscape.
  • References for native plant sellers and plant sales.
    Cost: $250-700
    Down payment of $200 put towards your total is required to begin Phase 2. Turn around time is 3 weeks.
    Backyard in Villa Park, IL

Humboldt Design
Backyard in Humboldt Park, Chicago

Miller's Residence
Norwood Park, Chicago

Phase 3

  • Installation: Have your garden planted.
    Container Plantings
    Landscape Planting

Have Sara come by to take an inventory and analysis of your site, get a quote on plants, soil, compost, mulch, delivery and labor. A 50% deposit is required to move forward with setting a date for installation to occur. Upon completion the client will receive instructions on how to maintain the space and final payment is made.
Other required materials required per the design we’ve agreed upon such as but not limited to containers, moveable structures, bird feeders, composts, rain barrels, rain garden supplies, trellis or stones will be produced by the customer or as per the contract.

Installation Quote is generated by the Phase 2 Concept Design and Plant List but is dependant upon current plant availability. A native garden takes time to grow and clients understand it is their responsibility to take care of the garden and be patient with it’s unfolding. Year 3 is truly when the garden begins to sing.


  • Maintaining a garden takes time and energy. Let me take the hassle, squatting and forward bending over for you by maintaining your garden. Stewardship can be regular weekly or bi-weekly garden and lawn care or annual fall close up and spring sprucing. Going on vacation and need watering? Yes, I can do that too. Stewardship includes watering, weeding, raking, mulching (additional expense), and transplanting. In some instances mowing with my battery powered mower and edger. I do not use any gas powered tools.

Cost*: $45-85 per hour
*sliding scale (you chose the price within the bracket that suits your budget)

Range is within a 15 mile radius of O’hare Airport.
Outside of 15 mile radius of O’Hare Airport is a $45 flat travel fee.

CONTACT: Sara at

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