Practice Makes Progress

November 16, 2016

Good friend, yoga student and a Philadelphia Rebbitzin, Rebecca Krasner, offered me the privilege to share my own reflections on what it means to live a life steeped in a specific discipline or practice. Happy to share with the world wide web that the discipline I adhere to, yoga, is much more than fancy footwork on a piece of rubber, I said yes.

Read the blog Practice Makes Progress here.

Rebecca’s blog, Table for 450, is an inspiring glimpse into the life of a woman truly dedicated to bringing people together. As a Rebbitzin (wife of a rabbi), mother of 3 and a new transplant to the east coast, her aim is to invite every member of their synagogue community to their home. All 450 of them. Her passion lies in bringing people together through good conversation, relaxing atmosphere, and an honest relationship with Judaism and community.

How do you build community? How is your life influenced by a specific discipline or practice? If we do not keep asking these questions of ourselves, who will hold us accountable for the life we are choosing to lead? Practice, or the repetition of a discipline, has the capacity overtime to give us much to reflect upon and insight into how we’d like to move forward. Perfection is an inherent quality of our spirit and the more we work to live a life of purpose and connection, spirit reveals itself in all life.

Practice, practice, practice.