Yum Universe is out of this world!

August 16, 2013

By far the most alluring website for vegetarians and vegans. Look forward to the eye popping images, the straight-forward recipes, and all the bright ideas Heather Crosby is cooking up at YumUniverse. This is your one-stop go-to for all things plant-based, gluten free, soy free, and darn right delicious.

Lately Celeste has been interested in independent play and that lends good stretches of time for me to get back into cooking again. For a few years I practiced macrobiotics in our home and I’ve been vegetarian since 1999, so plant based cooking is not something I am unfamiliar with. However, cookbooks and blogs pull me in and I’ve tried concocting many a recipe but nothing holds the cake to YumUniverse. These recipes come out wonderful every time and are very accommodating to the under-experienced cook or the seasoned enthusiast.


Check out her blog and recipes at YumUniverse!

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