October 2011

Hijiki with Japanese Sweet Potatoes

satsumaimo japanese sweet potato hijiki

“O-ishi” is how you say delicious in Japanese. Having lived there for 2 years and deeply studied the science of macrobiotic cooking while there, oishi came out a lot! This recipe highlights one of the most delicious root vegetables I ate there and was delightfully surprised to see these at the Green City Market in Chicago (grown by Nichols Farm and Orchard) and seasonally at Whole Foods. This recipe is a great segway in to cooking Japanese food without cane sugar and moving into more nutritious varieties of seaweed.

Serves 4

¼- ½ c short cut dried hijiki
2 med. Japanese sweet potatoes, sliced into chunks (satsumaimo)
1/3 c filtered water
½ tsp sea salt
4 T brown rice syrup
1 T mirin
1 T shoyu (high quality soy sauce)

Soak hijiki for 10 minutes. Drain.

Sauté potato in oil for 2 minutes. Add the rest and simmer, covered for 4 minutes. Then uncover and let simmer until most liquid has absorbed. Potatoes should be fork tender.

Hijki 2