February 2011

Superfood Smoothie

vegan maca sun foods superfood green powder

You’ve probably at some point seen me walking around with a mason jar full of a green drink and asked, “What’s in that?” Now the recipe is up for your consumption on the amazing resource of YumUniverse! Creator, Heather Crosby, has spotlighted me for her food blog/recipe archive for all things healthy!

Some of the ingredients require a little effort to get but are well worth it. The green superfood you can order online and the maca powder is at Whole Foods in Lincoln Park.

These are bulk items so you won’t need to get them more than once a month. I don’t need foods to be super sweet to enjoy them so if you need to add agave, vanilla, or honey feel free. Happy smoothie-ing!

Go to YumUniverse for my recipe!

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