June 20, 2017

Sweet Peas and Potatoes

peas sweet potatoes brussels sprouts

1 egg (optional)

4 T extra virgin olive oil
2 smashed garlic cloves
- Infuse oil in a medium sized skillet by warming the oil and garlic. When garlic sizzles and browns remove with slotted spoon.

2 c diced sweet potato
2 c shredded brussels sprouts
-Add to the skillet, cover on low and sweat the veg.

Add :
1 T rice vinegar
2- 3 T shoyu
1 T mirin
- let simmer continuing to sweat the veg until sweet potato is tender.

1 c peas
- toss into skillet and sauté until peas just turn bright green. Turn over onto a dish.

OPTIONAL * Fry an egg and top your sweet potatoes, brussels sprouts and peas. 1 egg per person.

*pic shown without egg